National Holidays

The Netherlands has 13 main holidays. The Holidays in the Netherlands are:

Date English name Dutch name Remarks
January 1 New Year’s Day Nieuwjaar The day before is called “Old Year’s Day” and not “New Year’s Eve.”
March/April Easter Eerste Paasdag en Tweede Paasdag The Dutch celebrate two days of Easter (on Sunday and the subsequent Monday).
April 27 King’s Day Koningsdag Celebration of the birthday of king Willem-Alexander.
May 5 Liberation Day Bevrijdingsdag Not a national holiday Celebration of the 1945 capitulation of German forces in World War II.
40 days after Easter Ascension Day Hemelvaartsdag
7 weeks after Easter Pentecost Pinksteren The Dutch celebrate two days of Pentecost (on Sunday and the subsequent Monday).
December 5 Saint Nicholas’ Eve Pakjesavond, Sinterklaasavond Not a national holiday A predecessor ofSanta ClausSinterklaas gives presents to the children. While Saint Nicholas’ name day is on December 6, in the Netherlands usually only Saint Nicholas’ Eve is celebrated on December 5.[1]
December 25, December 26 Christmas Kerstmis The Dutch celebrate two days of Christmas: Eerste Kerstdag (the first day of Christmas) and Tweede Kerstdag (Boxing day).